Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old Pictures & Scrapbook Pages

In case I haven't already mentioned it, I am loving my new scanner! It's so much fun to drag out old photos and finally get to scrap them without fear I'll ruin the only photo I have of me in a diaper standing on the counter sucking on a popsicle at two-and-a-half years old. (Okay, there are probably a zillion photos like that, but you know what I mean!)

Jeff was making fun of me because I keep looking through these old photos of myself, but what he doesn't understand is that every time we were at Nanny & Pa's, that's what we did. It was expected, and anticipated, and maybe our favorite part of the visit. I miss having Nanny tell us stories about the pictures. So it's just natural to enjoy browsing through these old pictures today. The only difference is that now I can scrap them, too!

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