Monday, November 17, 2008

Jumping through Hoops

Yup. Today my official job title is "acrobat" - because all day I've been jumping through hoops to get everything lined up for nursing school. And that's just the application process!

How's this for goofy? I have Comp 2, Honors English, and a CLEP credit for Comp 1. But because the CLEP didn't transfer, I can't graduate CSTCC. Have to have it for the degree. Doesn't matter that I'm a kick-butt writer (okay, so I'm feeling a bit high on myself today), or that I aced honors English. Nope. I had to call Harding and ask their poor records guy to dig through their closet of "old" files to find the original paperwork. Amazingly, he located it. (Bless him!)

So that's one hurdle down. Now if my high school can do the same thing for a Chemistry class I took about a hundred years ago, I'll be in great shape.

On a side note: I found my very first gray hair. And though I know it's gross, it's still laying on my desk, carefully placed so as not to brush it away. I almost feel proud of it. It's really more white than gray. I am even debating the possibility of scrapbooking the occasion.

You don't need to tell me how bizarre I am.

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